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  Peter Gabriel took the SongCatchers on numerous national and international tours with WOMAD and calls the SongCatchers “Spine Tingling.”  The multi-ethnic group performs for countless audiences including Indian Tribes across the country.  Honoring the traditions of intertribal pow wow singing and drumming and fusing rock, soul, jazz and spoken word into their one of a kind fusion of music, the Songcatchers were the only intertribal musical group to sign with a major label (A&M Records) and reach the highest level of recognition (winning 2 Native American Grammys!) without watering down the blood and guts sound of authentic intertribal music.


 The group’s original members Arlie Neskahi, Dine` (Navajo Nation), Lara Lavi, Mark Cardenas and Charles Neville formed the group over 20 years ago and these one-of-a-kind artists have been creating music like no other all this time.  Adding Maurice Jones Jr. on bass and Cameron Lavi-Jones on guitar have made the group a true family affair.  Mark Smith (Groventre- Shoshone) is also a mainstay pow wow singer since the band’s first experiment at the Crocodile in Seattle when Arlie Neskahi’s White Eagle Singers stepped in to jam with The Lara Lavi Band.


“I grew up with both my traditional music and rock and roll, the SongCatchers allow me to explore all parts of my musical life and we plan to catch some new songs on stage too!” Explains Arlie Neskahi, one of the lead singers, founders, and leader of the tribal singers in the group.














The multi-generational SongCatchers are committed to social change, resistance of the Trump Administration, participating in rally’s marches, activations and Indian Reservations across the United States and bringing the voice of people of all races, colors, creeds and tribes to the stage as a proof positive that Native American music is part of a living culture and their lyrics sung in English and Navajo are part of a message of loving all people and especially our mother, the earth.


For Performing Arts Center Performances, Rally’s, Marches and other Resistance-related performances, The SongCatchers recommend performing their song Dreaming In Color which is sung to a traditional round dance tribal rhythm.  The full band is vocals, guitar, bass, electronic violin, drums, sax, and intertribal powwow drum and singers.  The group can perform as a 7-piece or up to a 14-piece group.  Stage plot and Tech rider available upon request.


Represented Tribes are Diné (Navajo), Choctaw, Groventre, Shoshone, Colville, Yakima, Blackfeet, Pima & Levi- of the lost tribes of Israel.


Founding members, Lara Lavi & Charles Neville at House of Blues New Orleans
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